Monday, April 22, 2013

Alpaca Fibre for Sale 2013

The Boys!ShogunShogun just sheared.Robbie and BillieRobbie just sheared.Rudy
RudyRudy just sheared.ButtercupButtercup just sheared.Shogun's Blanket (Prime)Shogun closeup
Shogun with 10% WoolShogun's Blanket (Prime)Dusty Rose GrayShogun's Blanket  Dusty Rose GrayRudy Sable BrownRudy Sable Brown Blanket (Prime)Rudy Sable Brown with 10% Wool
Robbie's Blanket (Prime) with 10% WoolRobbie BlackRobbie BlackButtercup Blanket (Prime) IvoryButtercup IvoryButtercup Ivory

Alpaca Fibre for Sale 2011 , a set on Flickr.

The Boy's newest fibre is back. have a look. It is lovely!!

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