Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall planting. Think about our bees,


Bulbs For Bees You might be thinking of putting in some bulbs this Fall. Why not plant some that bees can use for nectar and pollen? There are many native bulbs that bees use, check with your local native plant society for suggestions. In general, here is a short list of bee bulbs:
Allium - a wide variety of colors and heights
Broadiaeas - a wildflower bulb that bees adore in early Spring
Calochortus - pretty cup-shaped flowers are easily accessed by bees
Camassia - native to the Pacific Northwest
Fritillaria -does well in shade
Hyacinthoides - Spanish Bluebells
Muscari - Grape hyacinth
Scilla - Siberian Squill
These should be available at your local nursery or on line. Remember, when planting for bees, they like to have a nice large “patch” of flowers, so plant as many as you can- lining a driveway or planting strip, in large swaths under trees or in meadows or even in lawns.

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