Saturday, May 4, 2013

2 day at the Salt Spring workshop

Okay, here i am day 2. My first shawl is completed and dry. Im starting my second alpaca shawl today. Im going to felt the alpaca thinner and layer more silk collage with silk ribbons, yarns, and silk pieces. Today i learned to make sure i rinse out all the soap in cool water. Making sure all water is squeezed out and then to soak the piece in a vinegar water solution that closes the fibres and brings the pH back to normal for the piece. Then lay the piece on a towel and roll it up to assist in the drying process.

At the end if the afternoon i began thinking about my third project. One of the gals brought her linen top that could be an interesting template for a felted garment. My new challenge!
So measurements were taken and plans were made.....tomorrow is day 3, my last day. I have to leave at 2:30 to make the ferry connection back to mayne. Ill have to work right thru lunch to make sure I get finished.

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