Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garlics, Garlics and more Garlics!

Last Sunday was a lovely Fall Day.  I sat outside on our deck and prepped and sorted all our garlics from our 2011 Harvest.  All our garlics are Certified Organic and because they have been hardened off, they can be either consumed or planted.  Some of our garlics will available to buy at Happy Tides Health Food Store here on Mayne Island.  

The following Garlic varieties are available to buy at Happy Tides Health Food Store.
Leningrad packs a lot of punch! It is very hot
and strong. Leningrad has become a staple 
thanks to its excellent flavour, ease of growing
and long storage life. Leningrad is listed in the 
Seeds of Diversity Canada catalogue of 
heritage varieties as endangered and very hard
to find.
Chesnok Red
Chesnok Red is a gourmet delight. 
It is a purple stripe hardneck variety
and one of the best cooking garlics.
Highly flavourful.  It holds its shape 
and retains flavor well when cooked. 
It has large, easy-to-peel cloves.
Northern Quebec
Good strength, flavour, size and 
vigour. A strong, hot garlic! 
Northern Québec is listed in the 
Seeds of Diversity Canada 
catalogue of heritage varieties
as endangered and hard to find.
It is an excellent keeper and has 
a flavour that entices one to 
eat more.
Sicilian Gold 
Sicilian Gold is a medium strength
garlic with a pleasant flavour. 
It has consistently produced 
large softneck bulbs, probably 
of the Artichoke variety.

I reserve a good selection of the harvested garlics for next year's harvest.  I will be planting our own Starry Night Meadows Farm certified organic garlics  Thanksgiving weekend.

The garlics that don't get sold or replanted make their way into the kitchen.  I love to cook with garlics!  I am looking forward to preserving a new jelly made with roasted garlics.  Enjoy!