Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do with Lemon Cucumbers?

Today I was faced with what to do with a wonderful bounty of Lemon Cucumbers from our Greenhouse. So,  I went out onto the InterNet to see what I could find.  Of course, I found many great ideas, but, I especially liked this site.  If you check this site out you will find the recipe that I adapted for my own pickles.  The difference was I cut my cukes into segments and added red peppers with the onions to give some contrasted colour.  The results were amazing!

The Lemon Cucumbers are at their best when they are just turning yellow.
This picture shows how I cut the Lemon Cukes into segments.

Once the liquid mixture came to a boil, I added the cukes and onions and brought it back to a boil.

Just look at the beautiful colours!  I put a grape leaf at the bottom of each jar to help the cukes stay crisp.

Lemon Cucumber Pickles.

Lemon Cucumbers have been called, Lemon Apples, too.

The cukes have also been called, Salt & Pepper cukes because of the black bumps on their skin.  The bumps look like peppercorns.

Whatever you want to call them, Lemon Cukes are a lovely mild, less tart cucumber!  Enjoy!